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Custom Barong Tagalog #2000CM

To get the best possible with your Barong Tagalog, Please follow the steps below:

1. Choose from the Color Swatches
2. Choose from the Style Guide
3. Follow Measurement Guide
4. Fillout form to place order.

DISCLAIMER - To ensure accurate measurements we suggest having a professional tailor or seamstress measure you. If you do not get a professional tailor or seamstress to take your measurements you should follow this guide to ensure proper fit. We will make your garment according to the measurements you provide. Any alterations, fittings, changes or adjustments, if necessary, can be easily done by any one of your local tailors or seamstresses. We are not responsible for a client’s fluctuation in weight.


Colored barongs: For group orders, make sure that the barongs are ordered at the same time to ensure that the colors will be consistent.


All international custom orders take 8 to 10 weeks for delivery. All US custom orders, standard delivery time takes 6-8 weeks.


Prices may vary depending on fabrics, measurements, and specifications.

Aqua<br>  Blue Aqua
Baby Blue Baby
Beige Beige Black Black Brown Brown Burgundy Burgundy
Choco Brown Choco
Light Grey Light
Dark Grey Dark
Green Green Hunter Green Hunter
Ivory Ivory
Lavender Lavender Lilac Lilac Matte Gold Matte
Mocha Mocha Navy Blue Navy
Off White Off
Pearlwinkle Pearlwinkle Purple Purple Red Red red Wine Red
Royal_blue Royal Sage Sage
Silver Silver Tan Tan Taupe Taupe White White  

*Color Tone
Monochromatic: Light on top, gradually becomes darker to the bottom
Solid: One Color

We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the color of our products that appear at the site. However, as the actual colors you see will depend on your monitor, we can not guarantee that your monitor’s display of any color is accurate. The items displayed on this web site might differ when the item arrives to the customer due to slight changes in material/embroidery and lighting effects.

Collar Styles
Traditional Straight Collar Chinese/Mandarin Collar
Traditional Straight Point Collar Chinese Collar
Band Collar Henly Collar
Band CollarHenly Collar

Front Styles
Half-open button front Full-open Full-hidden
Half OpenFull OpenFull Hidden

Cuff Styles
One Button   French
One Button Cuff  French Style Cuff

Button Styles
Regular Buttons Chinese Button
Regular Buttons Chinese Buttons

Chinese Buttons
Neck  Shoulder
Neck  Shoulder
Measure around the lower part of your
neck, placing one finger between tape
measure and neck.
  Measure from one edge of the shoulder to
the other, across back. If you are wearing
a shirt that fits well, measure shoulder
seam to seam.
Chest  Waist
Chest  Waist
Measure around the fullest part
of the chest.
  Measure around the fullest part
of the waist.
Hips  Wrist
Hip  Wrist
Measure around the fullest part of your hips.  Measure around your wrist bone.
Sleeve Length  Armhole
Sleeve Length  Armhole
Measure with arm at your side, from shoulder
edge to the mid-palm of your hand.
  Measure from shoulder tip to bottom of
armhole to shoulder tip.
Bicep  Back Length
Bicep  Back Length
Measure around your arm,
under the armpit.
  Measure from center of back of the neck,
down to the bottom of your rear-end.
Shoulder Type
Average Shoulders Broad Shoulders Narrow Shoulders
Average Shoulders Broad Shoulders Narrow Shoulders
Shoulders are proportional
to the chest
Wider shoulders
compared to the chest,
Smaller shoulders
compared to the chest,
drooping shoulders
Arm Length
Average Arm Long Arm Short Arm
Average Arm Long Arm Short Arm
Arm length is
proportional to height,
regular arm reach
Above average arm length
in proprtion to height,
longer arm reach
Less than average arm length
in proportion to height,
shorter arm reach
Body Types
Average Body Type Slim Body Type V-Build Body Type
Average Slim V-Build
Chest and hips
are proportioned,
Thin Typical for body builders,
swimmers, and gymnasts
T-Shape Body Type Pear Body Type  
T-Shape Pear/Oval  
Broader shoulders,
smaller hips
Smaller shoulders,
wider around the hips

Henly Collar
Name of Wearer:
Contact Number:
Date of Use:
Name of Party:
Fabric Color:
Color Tone:
Fabric Type:
Neck Length:
Shoulder Type:
Arm Length:
Sleeve Length:
Body Type:
Chest Size:
Sleeve Type:
Back Length:
*Weight (in lbs.):
Special Instructions:
Optional: Email a picture of the upper body for checking the proportions. Please wear a t-shirt in your picture. Include your name and order number.
Price:  $84.99 
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