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From what was most commonly known by many, barongs are just for formal and special events. But if you have stayed in the Philippines for quite a while, you will notice that barongs are not just for formal and special events. They can also be used daily.

Office workers, government officials, teachers, and other employees wear barong as their daily uniform. We can also see some schools using barong as their regular school uniform. Seminary students, Bible School students, priests, ministers, and other religious leaders love to wear barongs for their daily activities.

Since barongs are frequently used by many, you don’t have to wear expensive ones if you plan to use them daily. It would be practical to wear these cheap and yet elegant looking barongs at Barongsrus. Look at how perfect they are for daily use. Let’s check them out.

The Affordable Jusilyn Barong

The Affordable Jusilyn Barong

This may look elegant, but the price is only $49.99. With nearly fifty dollars, you already have a long sleeve, Chinese collar barong with extrinsic embroidered design at front. This type of barong is perfect for lawyers, government officials, and political leaders. It is also best for priests, church ministers, and other office workers.

The Cheapest Jusylyn Barong at Barong R us

The Cheapest Jusylyn Barong at Barong R us

This is another Jusilyn barong that you would love to wear every day. Not because it’s cheap, but because of the way it looks. Who would have thought that this is a cheap barong? In fact, it’s the cheapest one that you can find at Barongs R Us. It may have the same fabric with the previous one that we have, but it only costs $39.99, discounted from its original price, which is $46.99.

It is simple, traditional, and, yet, it has a very classy look. No one would ever think that is a cheap one. It has a traditional straight point collar with buttons that opens all the way down. It has a simple yet elegant embroidered design at front. Just a little caution: someone might wrongfully accuse you of spending a lot for daily barong because of the way it looks. When that happens, just smile and tell them the price and don’t leave the price tag hanging.

White Short Sleeve Barong for Daily Use

White Short Sleeve Barong for Daily Use

When it comes to daily use, short sleeve barongs are the perfect ones, especially if you use it for your regular job that requires a lot of physical activity. You wanted to have more freedom on your arms, so short sleeves are the best. This is perfect for educators, school professors, business staff, and many more. Ideal for people who are always on the go and yet wanted to maintain their classic formal look.

It has a traditional straight collar with buttons opening halfway at the front. Its U-shape embroidery is elegantly designed. It only costs $59.99 at the store. It’s the best and practical barong that you can wear every day because it has linings, which help reinforce the durability and flexibility of the barong. Just don’t pick a fight while wearing it, it will surely look ugly.

Elegant Short Sleeve Barong for Daily Use

Elegant Short Sleeve Barong for Daily Use

This one is another elegant and yet affordable barong that wouldn’t make you guilty if you wear it every day. It’s good for daily use due to its lightweight and cool fabric, perfect for beating the heat every day. But you won’t regret how extremely formal and elegant you will look on this.

It has a traditional straight collar with full open button at front. It may look simple but look at the embroidered designs on the chest as well on its collar. You can clearly see its distinction among typical ordinary barongs. It’s definitely something that you can wear every day but it’s not something that you can see every day and it only cost $59.00.

Other Low Price Barongs

Other Low Price Barongs

There are other barongs that you can buy under $50.00 at Barongs R Us like this elegant Piña-Jusilyn Barong Tagalog that cost only $49.00. These barongs are also perfect for politicians, government officials and leaders, lawyers, priests, church ministers and many more.

Other Low Price Barongs

The following are the two elegant looking Jusilyn Barong Tagalogs that cost only $54.00. They may be too formal and elegant looking but you can use them every day.

The Modern Appeal of the Black Barong Tagalog

For most men, the go-to of formal wear usually meant taking the safe choice of the suit jacket and tie combo that everyone is very familiar with. The colors are just as predictable: gray, blue, or the ever-so-expected black. Black stands out since it goes well for all occasions: from business meetings, to weddings, opera nights, funerals, inaugurations, and more. But what if you wanted to try something different? Enter the Filipino favorite: striking, exotic, and cultured, this is the Barong Tagalog. And before you ask anything else, yes, it comes in black.

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The Perfect Formal Wear for Summer: The Barong

A warm summer day and a pinstriped suit (or any suit) is a difficult combo to pull off, especially when staying out of the heat of the sun is not an option. And when you’re going to be visiting a client or business partner, the last thing you would want is to be dripping buckets all over. A quick fix is to normally just take off the coat and keep the tie on, the switch provides a bit of cool comfort, but that comes at the price of sacrificing style. Now, what if there was a piece of formalwear that looks classy and dignified, but lets you keep cool and comfy in the sun? Enter, the barong.

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Why Politicians Need to Wear a Barong in SONA

The State of the Nation Address or SONA is one of the most important presidential speeches. It’s time to address critical issues of the country and provide solutions to urgent matters. But along with that, long-awaited speech is the politicians’ bold fashion statements. Walking on the red carpet, you will always see them in their luxurious yet straightforward barong Tagalog. But why should politicians wear barongs in SONA? Let’s find out.

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Why Wear a Barong Instead of a Suit Jacket?

barong tagalog

Clothes make the man. This old adage still holds true today. By carefully selecting the cut, trim, fabric, and colors that we wear, we create a visual message telling the world who we are. And when it comes to formal wear, most men turn to suit jackets in order to say that they mean business. It is a predictable, and safe choice. But we are not most men. And nothing instantly tells the room that you are a cut above the rest by literally wearing it, in the form of a well-chosen barong that is.

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Knowing Your Filipiniana Fabrics

Filipiniana fabrics are quite different from the typical fabrics used in the Western part of the hemisphere. Although they are quite unique, they are varied–from the natural to the synthetic. Jusi, piña, silk, and a combination of piña and cotton, are some of the natural fibers used in Filipiniana wear. For synthetic ones, fibers such as chiffon, organza, and shantung are used. These fabrics are utilized to make different kinds of Filipinianawear–alampays, barongs, boleros, camisa de chinos, kimonas, and the like.

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