Traditional and Modern range of Barong Tagalog – Philippines Fashion

In Philippines wedding, Barong Tagalog always makes an engaging appearance that has gained more popularity and preference with the groom’s attire. Philippine is famous for its wide-ranging market research on consumer products, commercial industries, demographics trends and consumer lifestyles. We, at BarongsRus offer an exclusive range of Barong Tagalog with extreme excellence.

Barong Tagalog is considered as the Philippine’s national dress. Just like there are many variations of clothing and all types of garments, Barong tagalog also comes in several types of fabrics such as the Organza, Jusi, Jusilyn, Pina and more. Barong Tagalogs are available in various colors and most popular and everyone’s favorite is The White Barong Tagalog. Get an amazing collection of The White Barong Tagalog for your wedding and to beautify every occasion.

In this video, you can see the happiness and elegance which we have delivered in the form of Barong Tagalog. We always commit the best and guaranteed customer satisfaction that facilitates us in attaining our goal of being the best.

Weddings in the Philippines show a rich Filipino culture and this includes being able to sport Barong Tagalog pieces in various sizes and colors. Barong Tagalog is exceptionally Filipino and people in all walks of life love wearing this particularly during special occasions, functions and events. Contact us and look at your best with simplicity and sophistication. You can have your individualistic choices of materials and designs.

Perfect custom made dresses for the occasion of wedding

Weddings are perfect occasions to dress your best. But when pressed for time and maybe even resources, one can’t help but consider Ready to Wear options in lieu of custom-fit dapperness. But what if you could get custom-fit service out of a design you can choose on line with the assurance of not looking like you got it off-the-rack? (Shoulder lines and cuff lines are dead giveaways of a perfect fit, guys! And every shoulder and arm length is unique!)

Luckily for me, BarongsRUs can do just that! A simple click on their website, a few flicks on barong choices, a quick message on their inbox followed by a 6-minute instruction on how to get the measurements right and viola! Order placed and husband’s Barong was delivered weeks ahead of the wedding date! Perfect fit. Quality design. Reasonable price!
Could you imagine how this kind of service would benefit would-be brides and grooms?

I think I want to get married again! And this is how tedious BarongsRUs gets with trying to ensure they have the exact measurements! Such expertise can only be acquired through years of experience! And that’s not to take anything away from being personally being attended to! This actually made me feel like I was part of the making of my husband’s barong! Yes, I did the measurements myself and it came out perfect.

Enjoy the fashionable wedding dresses and accessories to elevate your everyday bridal style

Beautiful, elegant and your names on the wedding pillows are sure to look magnificent in the hands of your little ring bearer. You can now add the vibrant colors of autumn to your ceremony and reception with fall wedding accessories including guest books, pens, flower baskets, ring pillows, garters and unity candles decorated with fall leaf brooches.

Every woman has a list of striking and trendy accessories and dresses. Be it a list of brands that they love to buy during sales or a list of items to wear on their special day, wedding day. Women love having a list. Philippines designers at Barongs R Us are here to fulfill the list of accessories and dresses of women for their special day. You can put in stunning colors to accessories and styles that are all inspired by latest trends with advanced and traditional designs. We all know that when it comes to post-engagement and post-wedding glow, every bride wants to make the most out of it! It’s the perfect time to try on a new look or a different style to really get people to notice a change.

Look your absolute fashionable self while you’re busy planning the wedding or still celebrating that post-wedding high. From wedding accessories like wedding basket, wedding coin, wedding cord, wedding pillow, wedding veil, wedding carter to comfy sandals, Barongs R Us rounded up a few accessories that will take your daily bridal look to a whole new level!

Accessory items like the Bronze Elegance collection features rich hues of bronze, copper, and gold and is a great compliment to subtle fall wedding themes.

Alluring and Striking Wedding Dress Collection 2018 with Wedding Accessories

Philippines Brides beware – by the end of this post you may be compelled to justify wearing our very graceful and perfectly designed wedding dresses.

When our in-house design team and high-fashion designer collaborate, they want to make certain that your bridal look makes an unparalleled impression, they take their visualization one step further, creating matching veils, wedding cords, wedding basket, wedding coins, wedding pillows and lots more that echo the fine details of their breathtaking wedding dresses. The wide variety of wedding accessories available can be overwhelming, but you shouldn’t decide to just skip them altogether. If you’re not quite sure on which accessories you should choose for your own wedding, contact our experts who will make you learn more about your options.

Pick your favorite Wedding Accessories

If you’re diving into wedding planning this year you know there’s a lot to keep track of! Between a perfect dress and picking the best wedding accessories can be little overwhelming. Accessories can truly transform a look and tell the story of your own personal style. And let’s be honest, on your wedding day you want to feel as authentic to your personal style as you possibly can!

Which bridal accessories should you choose?

Among the many accessories a bride can choose to wear on her wedding day, we will focus on only a few popular ones. We’ll cover veils, headpieces, boleros, and gloves. There are a few types of veils according to length, and each one comes with its own styling tip.

Try on few of your favorite wedding dresses embellish with accessories. From exquisite and whimsical to beaded and bohemian, let’s just say you will soak up every minute in these gorgeous gowns by Barongs R Us!

2018 First Communion Dresses that speak for the occasion

The First Communion shopping season is coming, and we suggest you start shopping now, which will allow you plenty of time to find the right dress and make alterations.

With rich years of experience in women and men’s special occasion clothing, companies in Philippines are proud to say that they strive to offer the highest quality dresses just for your valuable customers. 2018 First Communion Dresses Collection by Philippine’s designers has been published online, and Communion Dress with sleeves or sleeveless, classic or traditional styles, floor length or Tea Length, Plus size or Custom size is made to order. Millions of Christians worldwide celebrate the Sacrament of First Holy Communion, when a child receives the body of Christ for the first time. If you are planning a special event, such as Baptism or First Holy Communion, it is significant to look your best for this special occasion. There are amazing and leading marketers and manufacturers for first communion dresses of first quality for both boys and girls in various sizes. These manufacturers and exporters have been providing best of First Holy Communion dresses to families who celebrate their children’s first time communion with apparels that speak for the occasion.

Philippines designers and manufacturers offer quality products that are of international standards with imported material, ethnic designs and amazing models that make your kids look royal and grand on their First Holy Communion. There is an array of designs, patterns and styles for Girls communion dresses with different sizes.

Find the whole outfit including Barong Tagalog, headpiece, gloves and wedding accessories here at If you are looking for the very best for your very best- you have found the right place.