Wow, I'm impressed! I ordered a barong yesterday at about 11:30AM and it arrived this morning at 10:30! I was expecting it to arrive on Tuesday. Amazing service! And the barong is excellent as well. You have definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you,
Saturday 01 August, 2020 Claud Russell
  Location:Battle Ground, Washington
Good morning! I never thanked you for getting my fiance's barong to us on time. He loves it! Thank you so much! Best place to get barongs and Filipino wedding accessories
Thursday 27 February, 2020 Amber A
  Location:Bronx, New York
I just want to thank you for the speedy service and delivery. The Barongs are perfect and came on time. Good services are appreciated Thanks for your time.
Friday 11 October, 2019 marvin olosan
  Location:Oxnard, California
Thank you so much. I received the two beautiful Barongs and perfectly fit...😊❤️
Friday 11 October, 2019 Irineo Mallari
  Location:Morgan Hill, California
The Barongs came in today(Oct 10)🤓The Blue Barong’s embroidery is really beautiful. Thank you for your recommendation. I’ve never worn a blue-color Barong so this will be a first time for me. Thanks again for showing/giving me a wonderful line-up of Barongs to choose from. I will surely recommend Barongs ‘R Us when friends would look into getting one for themselves or for family members. If catalogs are available, perhaps you can send me a copy. Thank you again for your assistance and for all that you do. Sincerely, Diony Magno, Jr. 🤓🎸🎼🇵🇭🇺🇸🙏🏻🌺
Thursday 10 October, 2019 Dionisio Magno
  Location:Pensacola, Florida
Hello, We received the barong yesterday. Everything looks great. Thank you very much for the quick support.
Tuesday 08 October, 2019 Keith Blodgett
  Location:Colorado Springs, Colorado
I had a Barong tailored for our daughter’s wedding. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the attention to detail and final product. They took the time to check and re-check the measurements we had provided, which had been taken by a “professional “ seamstress. I learned of “allowances” in the world of tailoring. BRU’s diligence prevented a fashion emergency that could have befallen the father of the bride. Ultimately, the garment was beautiful, and got many compliments. Thank you again, and my Barong helped make the wedding magical.
Saturday 06 July, 2019 Virgilio Esquillo
  Location:Chapin, South Carolina
Got the package na po. Very happy with the purchase and delivery was very smooth and fast. Thank you so much po and I look forward to buy from you again =)
Monday 24 June, 2019 Dianna De Guzman
  Location:Regina, Saskatchewan
I recently bought a mestiza bolero for the Asian festival here in Ohio. The bolero is very beautiful and I received a lot of compliments. There are actually some ladies who wanted to buy it from me but I politely refused. I will sure order again to wear for another Filipino event. So proud to be a Filipino! Thank you,
Wednesday 29 May, 2019 Cecilia
  Location:Pataskala, Ohio
I have decided to keep all barongs, since they all look good on me. Much thanks for all of your help this last weekend
Tuesday 28 May, 2019 edward edpao
  Location:Ladson, South Carolina
Package arrived today. My wife loves it! She plans on wearing it at an event in Manila. Thanks
Saturday 25 May, 2019 Lachlan Ross
  Location:Charlotte, North Carolina
To whom it may concern: I received my order two days ago and I want to thank you for sending me a beautiful dress and a barong for my husband. It was worth the wait. The dress looks very elegant and delicate and the fit is perfect. I was showing a picture of the dress to my co worker and she was impressed and told me that when her daughter gets married she would want to order dresses and a wedding dress from you. Thank you so much 😊
Friday 17 May, 2019 Alicia Cox
  Location:Tolland, Connecticut
Greetings, I have received my order and just wanted to say thank you. It looks and fits perfectly!
Monday 22 April, 2019 Thomas Rogers
  Location:Pensacola, Florida
Thanks very much. It looks great. Very pleased with the final result.
Monday 25 March, 2019 Brian Perian
  Location:Sterling, Virginia
Hi, I just wanted to express how amazed I am with the barong. It fits perfectly and the design turned out so much more beautiful that I could ever have imagined. I am genuinely grateful for you and your team and appreciative of all the time and effort you put into my order. And thank you for the undershirt—it was an unexpected surprise. I have always wanted a barong like this ever since I was young, and after saving the money, I finally get to wear it. Thank you so much. I hope you have an cheerful holiday. I will tell all my friends and family to go to your site.
Sunday 09 December, 2018 Roman Quintana
  Location:Pembroke Pines, Florida 33029
I have received the Barong that I truly wanted and ordered. This the the one I saw in the picture. It is much more beautiful and better. I do appreciate your kindness and integrity.
Friday 26 October, 2018 Mel Florentino
  Location:San Jose, California
My husband and I received his shirt on 9/10, and we absolutely love it. You did an exceptional job. My husband’s Lola is coming to the US for our Wedding and he is so excited to wear his Barong for her. Thank you so much 😊 GOD bless you, LaSur
Monday 24 September, 2018 LaSur Williams
  Location:Terry, Mississippi
I just want to let you know, I had received the barong in good shape. Fits me well too. Thank you so very much. God bless,
Monday 30 July, 2018 Jake (&Gina)
  Location:Wernersville, Pennsylvania
Barong has arrived!! It fits perfectly!! Thanks you so much!!!
Sunday 15 July, 2018 Tyrone Nichols
  Location:Columbia, Maryland
I have so many compliments of the filipiniana I bought from you. I have it altered a little bit to make it fit right. I wore it last Monday at the SONA event in Manila. Thank you.
Wednesday 11 July, 2018 Remedios Montinola
  Location:Renton, Washington
I love this bolero! I just ordered barongs last week from you for my son and husband to wear to my parent's 50th wedding anniversary party, and they look great! I forgot to find something too, but this will work great. Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get this ASAP. Love your store and your products - Thank you!
Sunday 24 June, 2018 Gena Roden
  Location:Chicago, Illinois
Thank you! My husband and I appreciate the very timely arrival of our barong outfits. They fit perfectly.
Saturday 12 May, 2018 Paz McDonald
  Location:Sunnyvale, Texas
Hi I just got my gold kimona and I love it. Glad that I ordered gold color. It matches well with my formal khaki skirt. Thank you so much.
Tuesday 08 May, 2018 Lucy Chester
  Location:Clackamas, Oregon
Just want to let you know I received my order today and the size was perfect! Thanks!
Monday 07 May, 2018 Lourdes Magsino
  Location:Katy, Texas
We have received the shirt. It was beautifully made. My husband like the shirt very much. Thank you :)
Wednesday 25 April, 2018 Audrey Foong
I received the package today. The XL Raya barong fit my husband perfectly. I'm very pleased with the mestiza top as well. Thank you so much for your help. P.S. I forgot to mention that my husband and I were pleasantly surprised about how fast the items were delivered. I was really pleased with how patient you were in answering all my questions and concerns. In addition, the quality of your products are excellent and your website is very well organized and presented. All in all, we give you an excellent rating! Maraming salamat.
Tuesday 10 April, 2018 Alicia
  Location:Bellingham, Washington
Dear sirs, I receive your postal parcel now. Your long sleeves shirt is very very wonderful. Thank you!!
Monday 09 April, 2018 Kazuaki Kawasaki
  Location:koshigaya, saitama Japan
Dear Barongs R Us Staff, I would just like to express our admiration for the excellent quality and workmanship done on our traje de mestiza and barong tagalog. They are such magnificent creations and fitted us perfectly! We are attaching a photo of us last week for reference :) Thank you for helping our wedding become a success. Just one question: what is the Jusi fabric is made of: is it from abaca or cocoon silk? Just curious. My American husband and in-laws have always been fascinated and deeply appreciative of the Filipino culture, so it means a lot to us to know the little details. Thanks for enlightening us. More power to your business and God bless!
Friday 16 March, 2018 Carla and Jonathan
  Location:Salt Lake City, Utah
Hello - I wanted to provide some pictures of the Coat Barong #1300 that we purchased from you for our wedding in October. The Barong's looked GREAT and we received so many compliments on how they looked. Appreciate the customer service and quality of the product.
Thursday 15 March, 2018 Greg Bourbeau
  Location:Nashville, Tennessee
I just want to express my joy running across your website by chance. I received both gowns for my daughter and myself. I was speechless when I saw the gowns, much better in person than stock photos. They both fit perfectly ! Thank you for prompt service , quality product, and wish you the best !
Saturday 13 January, 2018 Cecilia Stewart
  Location:Cypress, Texas
We were so impressed with the quality and affordability of the Barong Tagalog.
Monday 25 December, 2017 Elizabeth C Froilan
  Location:Goodyear, Arizona
Thank you very much for fast service. Fits perfect and very nice.
Tuesday 14 November, 2017 Rufino Pellicer
  Location:Beaverton, Oregon
Thank you, for the barong. It was beautiful and it fit my son good. Thank you.
Sunday 15 October, 2017 Maribel Abinsay
  Location:San Jose, California
Just want to thank you for the superb assistance. Our event was a success. The barongs were amazing.
Monday 18 September, 2017 Rachielle Pronuevo
  Location:los angeles, CA
Thank you for shipping our Barongs it made it here safely. And the quality is amazing! I really appreciate all your help and saving our wedding. I was freaking out.. but now that they are here, I feel so much better. Thank you again!!
Thursday 31 August, 2017 Tiffany and Paolo
  Location:Fairfield, California
Satisfied customers here!!! 5 starsJ The barongs and bolero are gorgeous! Delivery was right on time for the 50th Golden Anniversary! Thanks, BarongsRUs!
Friday 04 August, 2017 angelina vergara
  Location:Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Received the Barong Tagalog I ordered for my daughters wedding in record time. Barong exactly as what described. Shipping is quick, quick, quick! Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience.
Monday 31 July, 2017 Ramon Rodriguez
  Location:Owings Mills, MD
I have received the Raja barong and it is so beautiful! Cant wait for my husband to try it on. Thank you for the speedy delivery! I will definitely recommend you to my friends here as it is more affordable and more beautiful than the local shop here that sells barong!
Tuesday 25 July, 2017 Quennie Dacanay
  Location:Alberta, Canada
Hi BarongsRUs, I just wanted to take a quick minute and say thank you! My kids looked so sharp, and I was thoroughly impressed with the customer service I received when I called to ask to exchange my first purchase. Thank you for taking the time to help insure I got what I wanted, and for shipping it so quickly. I truly appreciated the great service! Here's a picture of the barongs at the wedding, handsome little boys, thanks to you! Sincerely,
Monday 24 July, 2017 Tami Dozon
  Location:Westminster, Colorado
Extremely fast service…! Much Thanks…it’s a beautiful barong!
Thursday 20 July, 2017 Joseph Waleski
  Location:Harrisville, PA
The Gold alampay was beautiful, received nice compliments. Thank you.
Monday 17 July, 2017 malou braganza
  Location:Downey, California
Hi, I want to thank you for making my dress, It is nicely done, just a little bit loose but its ok, I appreciate the effort you've done.
Wednesday 12 July, 2017 Sally P.
  Location:Ontario, Canada
I just received my latest order. Thanks you very much. It fits me well.
Tuesday 11 July, 2017 Nicolas Caraquel
  Location:ELmhurst, New York
Shipment received in perfect condition. Very pleased with the service and the shirt (?). (Excuse - Tagalog Barong). Thank you,
Monday 10 July, 2017 John Irwin
  Location:Ontario, Canada
Thank you so much for my beautiful filipiniana dress. It arrived on time as promised! Will definitely recommend your store!
Monday 03 July, 2017 Lori De Guzman
  Location:Matawan, New Jersey
We loved the barongs and so did my parents (on my sons). They were beautiful quality. We will order from you again. Also, my sister ordered a cord and veil that were nice, too.
Wednesday 17 May, 2017 Jannine Joyce
  Location:Chicago, Illinois
I'm so glad I found you guys, really loved the barong coat that I got for prom. The only problem I had was the arm length, I had to get it tailored but overall great product. Thank you again.
Saturday 13 May, 2017 ZalJun Cartagena
  Location:Fort Washington, Maryland
I needed quality barongs within less than a week and Marifi helped me out big time! She was very patient and assisted me throughout the whole process. The company was very easy to work with. The barongs I bought were great! My friends and family loved them.
Tuesday 25 April, 2017 Amadeo Pureza
  Location:Chicago, Illinois
My husband bought this gown for me and it arrived yesterday (we're in the UK). It is beautiful and well-packed, thank you :))) regards,
Thursday 16 March, 2017 Catherine
  Location:Berkshire, United Kingdom
Thank you. It's lovely. And it fits. I am impressed!
Friday 17 February, 2017 J. Lambert
  Location:Raleigh, North Carolina
i got it. it fits me well. thank you. till my next order.
Wednesday 09 November, 2016 Maribel Samapang
  Location:Piscathaway, NJ
I already received my order of 2 barong a few days ago, I would like to say thank you very much for such a nice quality of ur barong, very much appreciated...*:) happy
Sunday 06 November, 2016 Ludevina Norgard
  Location:Alberta, Canada
Hi, We received our custom order, it's perfect! It's highly appreciated! Thank You!
Sunday 25 September, 2016 Jennelyn Johnson
  Location:Mashpee, Massachusetts
Got the barong this morning.My husband and I loved it.It fits perfectly. Thanks
Friday 16 September, 2016 Edna Jacobson
  Location:Harlingen, Texas
Received Barong Tagalog Today. I love them...So Beautiful... Well done... Fit for my body size.... Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
Wednesday 14 September, 2016 cirilo medrano
  Location:phoenix, Arizona 85020
Hello, I've received my barong, and it's absolutely stunning! It looks amazing, and fits like a glove. Thank you very much!
Wednesday 31 August, 2016 Paul Norman Villegas
  Location:Vanier, Ontario
Hi! I'm really happy with my shirt. It's beautiful!!! Thank you so much!!!
Thursday 07 July, 2016 Richard Flores
  Location:Orlando, Florida
Greetings! So pleased with the Barongs. Received the parcels today. Thank you very much.
Friday 01 July, 2016 Milagros Bautista
  Location:Phoenix, Arizona
Hello, I just wanted to extend a thank you for your excellent quality of products and fast, friendly professional service. The white camisa de chino, Jusi Barong Tagalog # 1021 and the Jusi Barong Tagalog # 1036 arrived quickly, were excellent quality and a perfect fit. They not only complimented the baptism ceremony nicely but also received a number of compliments of themselves. Keep up the great work. I look forward to recommending your business to others as well as returning myself. Thanks and Best Regards,
Thursday 09 June, 2016 Brian Hutzler
  Location:Union City, California
Hello! Just wanted to inform you that I picked up my package today and everything looks great! Thank you so much for going above and beyond for me especially when my package just disappeared. I appreciate the excellent customer care and service. You guys are wonderful and I will happily refer you to all my Filipino friends who are getting married! Maraming Salamat,
Wednesday 01 June, 2016 Lizza Cui
  Location:Santa Monica, California
Good afternoon! I just received the Kimona I ordered - They are so Gorgeous. Thank you
Wednesday 11 May, 2016 Adelle Santos
  Location:Austin, Texas
I picked up my dress today and it is stunning!!! I am so in love with it and so thrilled with the quality, workmanship and detail. I will definitely order from you again - I now have this champagne color, the yellow, and the red one is next on my list! I love it, and thank you for your speedy and friendly service. I will recommend you time and time again to everyone looking for a beautiful representation of our national dress.
Tuesday 19 April, 2016 Anna Cristofaro
  Location:Detroit, Michigan
Hi, just wanted to thank you for everything... It was a successful birthday party, was so happy and satisfied with the Filipiniana that I bought from you. Your service is excellent. Thank you so much.
Thursday 14 April, 2016 Kaela Schwitter
  Location:Bellingham, Washington
Received my order sooner than I expected. My husband & I love the barong & it fits him perfectly . Thank you & I'll be back to order mine!!!!
Sunday 28 February, 2016 Norma Intendencia
  Location:Daly City, California
The Barong and Mestiza Bolero which I ordered online have arrived yesterday (4 business days; 6 days total) wow! The items are great! Even my husband appreciates how the barong looks. And it just perfectly fits him! :) I'm just glad I found your website. Will definitely recommend you to friends. God bless. Your satisfied customer,
Wednesday 10 February, 2016 Julz Guinto
  Location:Ontario, Canada
To whom it may concern, Hello. The barong I ordered has arrived a few days ago. It arrived earlier than I have expected and in excellent condition. The size fits me perfectly and I also love the design, it is probably the most royal looking barong I have ever seen in my life. Thank you for prioritizing me and I cannot wait to wear it on my graduation. I will definitely recommend your online shop to all my Filipino friends. Wishing your business all the best.
Wednesday 03 February, 2016 Joshua Romero
  Location:Matsudo City, Japan
Received my order and very satisfied with your product. I will do business and recommend to others. Thanks,
Sunday 10 January, 2016 Resty Rodriguez
  Location:Reisterstown, Maryland
Mestiza bolero #5500 I received it today in excellent condition and thank you very much for giving such attention to detail , in a box and it was not even wrinkled, best of all it fits me perfectly. With my highest regards,
Tuesday 05 January, 2016 Linda Rustia
  Location:Chula Vista, California
Thank you very much. I had many compliments with the saya. I thought I'd sent you a picture of me wearing the dress. I'm looking forward to ordering again in the future
Saturday 02 January, 2016 GLENDA CASTRO
  Location:RIPON, California
We received my dad's custom barong yesterday po. Great quality and fits him well.
Sunday 29 November, 2015 Jennifer Nery
  Location:Moreno Valley, California
This is to acknowledge receipt of all items I ordered. Thank you very much. Everything is awesome ;)
Friday 20 November, 2015 Arlyn Vasquez
  Location:Brooklyn, New York
We already received the Kimona - it is beautiful. and exactly what we need for my daughter. I'm so happy that we now know about your business for any future needs we may have. Thank you!
Thursday 19 November, 2015 Kim Lochner
  Location:Atlanta, Georgia
Just want to let you know guys that we are very happy of our purchased. My husband won the "Best Barong Tagalog" from the event that we attended in Las Vegas last month. Please see attached picture receiving his award and his proud wife :) Thanks a lot and more power.
Wednesday 04 November, 2015 Juvelyn Green
  Location:Plano, Texas
Once again I received a new barong.you out did yourself on this one.fantastic and beautiful. Thanks once again for your wonderful workmanship.
Friday 23 October, 2015 Gloria Fontecha
  Location:oak harbor, Washington
Just wanted to send a quick email and thank you for your prompt attention to my situation. I received all the barongs I needed and in the time I needed.
Saturday 17 October, 2015 Jonathan Valdriz
  Location:Honolulu, Hawaii
Thank you very much, the Barong came today and looks great!
Tuesday 13 October, 2015 Kathryn Price
  Location:Englewood, Ohio
We received it! It came out perfect! Thank you so very much!
Saturday 03 October, 2015 Jaclyn Marie York
  Location:Jacksonville, Florida
We recieved it today. I am impressed, very good quality! Well packed and since it's customized, the measurements went well. Thank you so much. I know now where to buy Barongs next time :)
Thursday 24 September, 2015 Juvelyn Green
  Location:Plano, Texas
Third of 4th shirt arrived today. It's so fantastic and fits like a dream.my husband is very happy with your custom made barongs and that makes me very happy. I have recommended you to other Filipinos in oak harbor. Thanks for the good work and timely manner of delivery.
Tuesday 22 September, 2015 Gloria Fontecha
  Location:oak harbor, Washington
Just let you now , I received my order from your store, I appreciate that i got it on time. thanks you very much, God bless you all...!!
Thursday 17 September, 2015 William Delacruz
  Location:Cincinnati, Ohio
Just received order26249 .fantastic wonderful. Much better than I hoped for.high recommendations to your company. Plus, I ordered another shirt.
Tuesday 08 September, 2015 Gloria m fontecha
  Location:oak harbor, Washington
I just want to let you know that we have already received the barong which we order from you. We thank you so very much! It fit Perfect to Benjamin, and it was the most beutiful Barong we ever seen:) We are so happy for this. Thanks again and God bless you .
Sunday 06 September, 2015 Aase Berit Minde Maestad
  Location:Rossland, Norway
I received the barong and it is a very handsome piece of apparel. Great job and thank you.
Thursday 03 September, 2015 Christopher Balao
  Location:Ormond Beach, Florida
Hi, the dress arrived yesterday, way ahead of date use. Many thanks for it and for the excellent workmanship. Impressive.
Thursday 03 September, 2015 Gina Sembrano
  Location:Auckland, New Zealand
The gown is beautiful, thank you. It is well made. It arrived way ahead of schedule. I would highly commend you to others.
Friday 21 August, 2015 Sheila Falcon
  Location:Glendale, California
I wish to notify you that I have since received the shipment. Although I could not notify you earlier because I was away in the UK after receiving it and could not open to check it. I have just opened and confirm the shipment, it was really nice. It's truly nice doing business with you and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Once again, Thanks.
Tuesday 11 August, 2015 Emmanuel Sunday Okoriko
  Location:Otaniemi, Finland
I would like to thank you guys for the Barongs my Ninongs are very happy with it. Highly recommended.
Wednesday 05 August, 2015 Amy Puttock
  Location:Victoria, Australia
Received the package instant. Thank you. I'm a satisfied customer. Nice doing business with you.
Thursday 16 July, 2015 Aurora Barretto
  Location:Dearborn, Michigan
I've been your client for almost 7 years now. I always rely on you whenever I need a barong for my friends and for special occasions. Thank you for always being efficient and attentive for all those years. I will continue to patronize your product.
Friday 03 July, 2015 Leonardo A Asuncion
  Location:Crockett, California
Thank you very much for going out of your way to ensure my order was delivered on time. The kimona looks great and I received several compliments! I'll be sure to recommend BarongsRUs to family and friends. Thanks again!
Saturday 27 June, 2015 Maria Naegele
  Location:Belleville, Illinois
I got my shipment today and everything came out great!!! thank you so much !
Saturday 27 June, 2015 Doris Moore
  Location:Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Thank you for sending my order promptly and for personally handling my order. I'm very happy with my barong, it's more than perfect!
Thursday 18 June, 2015 Eric Serrantes
  Location:Ardsley, New York
Dear Barongs R Us, We received our orders today and we are extremely delighted and impressed! The Barongs are so lovely and nice and we loved the details!
Saturday 13 June, 2015 Matt and Dea
  Location:Adelaide, Australia
Thank you so much for your fast service.
Wednesday 27 May, 2015 Leila Cockerel
  Location:Columbia, South Carolina
Want to thank you for the best Barong ever. We are waiting for the of the costume, but it looks beautiful. We talked on the phone and together we designed a perfect Barong. Come see Little Miss Philippines USA, in NYC on June 6th, for the Independence Day Parade.
Wednesday 27 May, 2015 Marcie Concepcion
  Location:Furlong, Pennsylvania
I just wore my gown last night & everybody was impressed with my gown. It really fits me & I was so happy . They were asking me where I bought & I told them, I told them at BarongsRus in Texas. ( Attached herewith is my picture )
Tuesday 26 May, 2015 Enriqueta Zacharies
  Location:Farmington, Michigan
I just wanted to inform you that all the barongs so far fit perfectly. Thank you very much on giving us accurate fittings. Thank you.
Tuesday 26 May, 2015 Vien Marquez
  Location:Lomita, California
Hi, I received my Barong and it was perfect. Thank you so much. Regards
Tuesday 26 May, 2015 Joseph Machuca
  Location:Melbourne, Australia
I literally just cried! Thank you so much, and thank you for being so amazing to help us with our ordering. I will be sure to send u pics of the men in their Barongs.
Tuesday 12 May, 2015 Malane Robbins
  Location:Jacksonville, Florida
The barong arrived on time. Very happy with it. The design and quality are impressive, much better than the pictures. Many thanks.
Saturday 09 May, 2015 Antonio Sison
  Location:Chicago, Illinois
Today, April 22, the much awaited has arrived... our Barongs!!! OMG! Really? Wow! Speechless. Excited! Super sobra talaga. The quality! We cannot wait to show off these perfectly fit barongs. My wife loves her dress, the color, the design, and her accessories. Ellison's barong is the right style for the groom. The design... impressive, admirable... what more can I say. And the 'blue' barong... OMG! That's better than my own 1st choice barong. I remember our phone conversation, sabi mo wag na ako mag isip at ipaubaya sa inyo lahat. I trusted you that day, and you all did these wonderful products. To all of you at Barongs R Us... Maraming maraming salamat! p.s.: when I received the box, I'm like "Are all the barongs in here?". I am expecting twice the size of the box. That was funny. Proudly yours,
Wednesday 22 April, 2015 Elmer Catuira
  Location:Ontario, Canada
Hello, I received the items and they are BEAUTIFUL and well made. I am very happy with the merchandise and will definitely order more in the near future. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery too.
Saturday 04 April, 2015 Cheryl Butler
  Location:Larkspur, California
I received my order. Thank you! Also, I will recommend you to my family. My sister (The Asias) recommended you guys to me. thanks!
Friday 13 March, 2015 AnaLiza Del Valle
  Location:Cypress, TX
I would just like to thank you for making my wedding extra special because of the barongs that you made for my Groomsmen, it went out really nice and sharp. Thank You also for being so nice and accommodating. You are well recommended. From you satisfied client:
Monday 09 March, 2015 Earl Castillo
  Location:Orlando, Florida
I'm so happy to receive the mestiza dress I ordered. I never thought it would be that fast! Thank you for sending it with a low value, I was afraid I would pay duty tax, but I didn't. Although the size I ordered is a bit big for me, I will just ask a seamstress to alter it. I will for sure buy another in a few months. ;-) I will tell my friends about your website! Will send you some photos next time! Thanks and best regards!!!
Tuesday 03 March, 2015 Abigail Hieselaar
  Location:Almere, Netherlands
My husband's barong arrived today and he is very happy with it, so classy to see on someone who is tall and Caucasian. Very excellent quality indeed.
Tuesday 24 February, 2015 Finela Spicer
  Location:Sun Lakes, Arizona
Thank you. The barong arrived yesterday and it's perfect. I have to tell you that your company saved me, because my wedding is next month and I originally ordered from another website and after 2 months of waiting they sent me the wrong size and did nothing to try to remedy the problem since they said it would take at least another 6 weeks. I'm so relieved I went on your site instead since the barong is far nicer than the one I originally ordered. I'll definitely be ordering from you again and will only recommend your site to others. Thanks again,
Sunday 15 February, 2015 JEREMEE PECACHE
  Location:HOLMDEL, New Jersey
Thank you so much for all the Barong ' s ordered, accommodating the last minute orders from my family. I especially want to thank you for my mom and dad, they looked so good. My mom's dress was a hit! She looked beautiful and my dad looked so Handsome. Again, thank you.
Tuesday 27 January, 2015 Vangie Magpusao
  Location:Seaside, California
I just received my order today and I am happy to tell you that the dress is beautiful in person. But best of all the dress fit perfectly. No alteration required. Thank you for your assistance. Until next time. Sincerely,
Saturday 15 November, 2014 Jane Scott
  Location:Ashburn, Virginia
I got my dress! I absolutely love it, the color is perfect. Thank you very much...
Monday 20 October, 2014 Lee Muenchausen
  Location:Bonita Springs, Florida
I received the gown yesterday and it was nice with minor alteration on the upper part bec I am thin. Thank you so much for your prompt response and good services that I could refer you to everybody.
Friday 17 October, 2014 Gloria de la Cruz
  Location:Suffolk, Virginia
I just wanted to say Thank you for the beautiful Dress that I received for my mother-in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary. She looked beautiful and felt splendid wearing your gown. I wish I could send you a photo because it was perfect. Thank you. You made it a very special day for her.
Monday 13 October, 2014 Kaylene Woo
  Location:Maitland, Florida
The barong is wonderful. Fit is perfect and the material and construction flawless. And we got it on Tues(?). I am thrilled with my purchase and would recommend your company to my friends. Thank you for everything.
Friday 03 October, 2014 R. Andre Greene
  Location:Wilmington, Delaware
Hi there, thank you for your fast delivery. The kimonas are beautiful. I will surely wear them with pride. Again Thank you very much.
Saturday 27 September, 2014 Ely Bolosan
  Location:Haleiwa, Hawaii
We just wanted to say Thank you! We received the barong's today and they fit perfectly and look beautiful! We couldn't be happier. I hope I didnt bug you too much, we were just worried about the timing :) Have a great rest of the week and again thank you so, so much! Sincerely,
Wednesday 24 September, 2014 Mathew & Eugene
  Location:san leandro, California
Hello, We have received the two custom-made barong tagalongs that you made for us. The fit is perfect and the quality is much better than we could have imagined. We are so grateful for your company. Thank you!!!
Saturday 06 September, 2014 Nicole Cutler
  Location:New Paltz, New York
It was delivered today. Beautiful! Thanks
Thursday 04 September, 2014 Timothy Williams
  Location:Brightwood, Virginia
We have already received the Filipiniana clothes we ordered. Thanks very much. We are very pleased. In fact, some friends will be ordering from you next week. Till next time. Cheers
Friday 22 August, 2014 Nanette Lacson
  Location:Auckland City, New Zealand
Hi! Just to let you know that I have received the Barong Tagalog for men, and was very pleased with the goods. It fitted perfectly on my husband, and the Barong was exquisite. Thank you for your wonderful service, Iam one very satisfied customer and you bet, will order again from you in the future. Once again, thank you BarongsUs. I will definetely recommend you to anyone that needs your service!
Wednesday 30 July, 2014 Imelda Majtenyi
  Location:Sydney, Australia
I just received my package. Thank you! It is beautiful!
Sunday 20 July, 2014 DonnaLee McCalla
  Location:Kalaheo, Hawaii
I am just emailing to thank you so much for all your help with my barong order. They arrived today and they look great! I will be definitely recommending your services to anyone I know that is looking for barongs. Thanks again for all your advise, patience and professionalism with my queries.
Friday 20 June, 2014 Troy Galo
  Location:Milton Keynes, United Kingdon
Hi! Just to let you know that I have received my first order with 2 items in it. The dresses were both beautiful and they fit perfectly. I did not expect to received the dresses so soon, so thank you for very professional service. I can recommend you to anyone. I am one very happy customer. Thank you once again.
Wednesday 18 June, 2014 Imelda Majtenyi
  Location:Sydney, Australia
Got the parcel today and I'm so happy with my purchase and super fast delivery!
Tuesday 03 June, 2014 Jaana Villazor
  Location:MAERSTA Sweden
Received my order . It fits me very well. Thanks
Saturday 10 May, 2014 Violeta Paderna
  Location:Las Vegas, Nevada
The women's barong I ordered arrived today. I haven't tried it yet but I already fell in love with it. Looks like it fits me well. Maraming salamat! Blessing
Saturday 10 May, 2014 Ivy Nacita
  Location:San Diego, California
Just received the barongs and I am bowled over by the quality. I am very impressed and my fiance loves them too. Off to show them to the family and hope they like it as well. Thank you for such a lovely experience. Your service is second to none. I know where to go to now for my Filipiniana dressing needs. Thanks again,
Friday 04 April, 2014 Adrienne
  Location:Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Received it love it! Thanks!
Wednesday 26 March, 2014 Elizabeth Dugan
  Location:Lexington, Kentucky
got it, looks good. thanks!
Wednesday 05 February, 2014 Patrick Micu
  Location:Manitoba, Canada
Hello, I would like to thank all of you at BarongsRUs for the awesome barongs that I ordered. They were really iconic and classic and really eye catching. All I got were praises for wearing a superbly made barong. Thank you so much and more power to your awesome business. Gratefully yours,
Wednesday 05 February, 2014 Arnold R Magtangob
  Location:Alberta, Canada
I received my creation today, absolutely gorgeous, fits perfect and I won't hesitate to buy from barongsrus again.
Tuesday 04 February, 2014 Fortunata Jimenez
  Location:Brampton, Canada
I received the gown and it's beautiful. Thank you so much.
Monday 03 February, 2014 Teresita Ellima
  Location:HOUSTON, Texas
Just to let you know that I received the barongs last Tuesday (thank you so much) and I'm very satisfied of your services. The items are great and well manufactured. I hope to do more business with you.
Thursday 30 January, 2014 Kristopher Cruz
  Location:ILE DE FRANCE, France
Received the blouse and my wife is very happy with it and the color. Thank you very much.
Thursday 05 December, 2013 Randy Faulk
  Location:Yuba City, California
The barongs are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!! We received nothing but terrific compliments on them. In fact, people are still noticing and commenting on them when they see our pictures, which I will pass along to you. I appreciate the way you handled the "hiccups" and everything you did to make this part of the wedding PERFECT!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
Thursday 07 November, 2013 Rich Skidmore
  Location:Los Angeles, CA
we already receive the items ,thanks we love it
Monday 04 November, 2013 Orlando Vistal
  Location:Saskatchewan, Canada
Greetings! I just wanted to express my gratitude to you in assisting me with my task of getting a barong for my son. My Mother and Father in-law are celebrating their 50th anniversary. We received the barong yesterday afternoon! Thank you so much for all of your assistance especially in helping me manage the order with the small window I had. We love the barong! Have a blessed day!
Thursday 31 October, 2013 Tammie Nipay
  Location:Roseville, California
I just receive my barong in the mail yesterday and I just wanted to say that it fits perfectly! Thank you very much! I would definitely recommend your business and order again as well.
Sunday 13 October, 2013 Aaron Principe
  Location:Alberta, Canada
I would like to convey to you my appreciation and excitement for such great boleros. Should I need another Philippine outfit, I will definitely order from you. Your sales clerk was easy to talk to and have been so helpful. The shipment came quick, giving me plenty of time to see which one will fit my outfit well. I cannot wait to tell my families about your site.
Tuesday 17 September, 2013 Marian Roessling
  Location:Pelham, New Hampshire
We received the correct size barongs this afternoon. That was again quick shipping. You did a fantastic job and we are very grateful. Thank you! Have a nice day.
Wednesday 28 August, 2013 Clemens Verbeek
  Location:Stony Brook, NY
Hi, I received my order and very happy with my Barong .
Friday 23 August, 2013 Joselito Tan
  Location:Manitoba, Canada
I just want to let you know that your service is very impressive. Thank you for a very quick service. God bless you and your business.
Thursday 22 August, 2013 Nenita Licup
  Location:Houston, Texas
Thank you very much. I was not expecting that it would come that fast. The barong is even nicer than what was on the Internet and I am fully satisfied. My husband loves it.
Wednesday 21 August, 2013 Marilyn Cacal
  Location:Bakersfield, California
As promised you have provided the correct size barong and the delivery is on time. Thank you very much and I really appreciate it!
Thursday 08 August, 2013 Arnold Lara
  Location:Milpitas, California
Good afternoon! Just want you to know that I received the (4) kimonas just few minutes ago. Thank you for your quick service. I wish that I found your company 2 months ago when I needed a kimona urgently. I'll wait for the other remaining kimona, so don't cancel that order, ok? Thanks for your kindness! Sincerely, Cornelia B. Gonzales PS You made my day! :) ♥♥♥
Thursday 25 July, 2013 Cornelia Gonzales
  Location:San Francisco, CA
Dear sir. Thank's for your service, My barong tagalog has arrived, on time.
Thursday 18 July, 2013 wimphy laksamana
  Location:Deli Serdang, Indonesia
Just letting you know my Shirt arrived today already 9th July in Australia, we are very pleased and amazed at such fast delivery.
Monday 08 July, 2013 Roger Shoesmith
  Location:NSW, Australia
My order has arrived and I am vey pleased with your service. Now I know where to go for my Filipiniana stuff and I am sure to recommend you to my friends. Thanks and Keep up the good work.
Thursday 27 June, 2013 Tessie Abaca
  Location:Taylorville, Illinois
Dear BarongsRUs, Thank you very very much. I received my order this afternoon. The Bolero is really nice and pretty and it fits to my size. I'll really appreciate what you've done and I'm really surprised because it came earlier than I expected. Thank you again,
Wednesday 26 June, 2013 Carmen Nery
  Location:So. Richmond Hill, New York
Hi, I received my bolero today and I am very pleased. It is beautiful gorgeous bolero. It fits perfectly with my sleeveless black long dress. I am very thankful to you in helping me and your very pleasant conversation. Thank you very much. God bless...
Wednesday 26 June, 2013 Marietta Okamoto
  Location:Alhambra, California
Good afternoon Barongs R Us, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say "Thank you" for a truly amazing job with my barong. I received it last week, well ahead of the anticipated arrival date. The modifications your staff made to the measurements which I provided, worked out very well. Your attention to detail and the quality of the workmanship that was put into the making of my barong, is nothing short of spectacular. You have helped to make my wedding day this August, which is the purpose of my order, that much more special. I sincerely thank all of you there!
Tuesday 25 June, 2013 James Custodio
  Location:Blaine, Washington
Just letting you know that we have received our delivery and we are absolutely pleased with the order! Thank you for your assistance and the prompt shipping. We will definitely share your website with others.
Monday 24 June, 2013 Angielina Agagas
  Location:New South Wales, Australia
Hello-- Just wanted to let you know that I was able to go to the post office today to pick up the package from you. The shirt is beautiful; thank you so much!
Saturday 08 June, 2013 Dale McNeill
  Location:San Antonio, Texas
orders received and im happy for it thank you.
Friday 24 May, 2013 Marieta Bakken
  Location:Stamsund, Norway
Hi, The dresses turned out very elegant. Thank you again for all your assistance. I appreciate it very much so. Have a nice day and hope to work with you again soon!
Monday 20 May, 2013 Tess DIaz
  Location:Crystal, Minnesota
We had an event yesterday April 14th (for my god daughters 7th birthday) and needed 3 Barongs ASAP. We weren't sure that we would be able to order them and receive them in time being that we just placed an order on Friday before the event, and the reason to order was we thought we could purchase them locally and not have to order on-line. Needless to say we couldn't find any Barongs to our liking and the selection locally was minimal. My sister Ginger Alvarado remembered that we ordered from you once before and we called you in hopes you could help us in such a short period of time which is why I feel the need to take a moment to to send this message and with that being said, We just wanted to THANK YOU FOR SUCH EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thank you for being so patient and helpful in providing us with what we needed. Thank you for the expedited delivery as we received the Barongs Saturday morning after just placing the order the day before. I must also add that the Barongs were beautiful ! I was hesitant to purchase a colored Barong and wanted the more tradiontal creme or white color but to my surprise I loved the gray and light gray Barongs which we ordered. My husband is Japanese but agreed to wear a Barong and when he saw it he was amazed and really loved it....he wore it with pride. My brother-in-law is Mexican and he wore his with pride as well, along with my son. The three of them looked so handsome and I have to give the credit to BARONGSRUS. for if it wasn't for you great customer sevice and beautiful selection of Barongs, the event would not have been as nice as it was....So many people commented on the Barongs as well, saying how wonderful they look.....we made sure to tell them that they were purchased from BARONGS R US......and we will continue to refer you to anyone we know that is looking to buy a Barong. So again, our sincere thanks for your excellect customer service ! YOU ARE THE BEST ! Sincerely,
Monday 15 April, 2013 Jennifer Rikimaru and Ginger Alvado Family
  Location:Carson, California
i just want to say thanks for a quick shipment and a very good deal with you, it is about 1 or 2 weeks since i got it. and i love that dress very much, thanks again for a very very nice and quick deal.
Wednesday 27 February, 2013 karstein krokaa
Hello, Order received. Thank you so much. I like the shirt. Nice quality. Sincerely,
Sunday 10 February, 2013 Mr. Dempsey Haupt
  Location:Portland, Oregon
I'm pleased to inform you that the shipment has been received by my cousin already. He updated me of his receipt today. As promised by Customer Service, the order is received in good time before the wedding. Thank you again! I will definitely continue to patronize your products :) From you satisfied customer,
Monday 04 February, 2013 MARITA GJUVSLAND
I received my Kimona yesterday & I like it. Thank you again! Happy Holidays!
Sunday 16 December, 2012 ROSALIE ARMINGTON
  Location:KIHEI, Hawaii
THANK YOU so much for making the effort to ship out my order on time before I leave for Philippines, I have received my order last night THANK YOU again and it fits well on my husband
Friday 26 October, 2012 Christelaine Lopez
  Location:Ontario, Canada
I placed the order Monday morning and the package was received by Tuesday afternoon. I am very pleased by the quality of these garments and will definitley be ordering my son's barongs through you guys as he grows older and bigger. It's not often that you get more than what you pay for nowadays, so i just wanted to acknowledge that and pay it forward by recommending your site to all my friends. Thank you very much.
Wednesday 24 October, 2012 Justin Meier
  Location:Santa Maria, California
Thank you so much for the well-made barong for my child. I will most likely order a dress for myself. Thank u so much.
Thursday 18 October, 2012 Cecile
  Location:Niles, Illinois
Hi, I received the gown and am very happy with it. It fits perfectly, except I had to adjust the buttons around the bust by an inch. Otherwise, everything is perfect. Thank you for your prompt service.
Sunday 14 October, 2012 Maria Cianciolo
  Location:Columbia, Maryland
I am just writing that I already received the barong I ordered. I never expected to receive it this fast. The barong is very well crafted. It looked good in your brochure but the actual product looks even better. I liked it very much. It fit perfectly. Hands-down to you guys for the prompt service and excellent craftmanship! I would be glad to order from you again in the future. Keep up the good work!
Saturday 13 October, 2012 Adrian Ortiz
  Location:Owings Mills, Maryland
To Customer Service, Just to inform you that I received my order this morning. Loved the Mestiza Gown, it is so perfect for me. :) happy:-)/\:-) high five Thank you so much,
Saturday 06 October, 2012 Sylvia Hipolito
  Location:Richmond, Texas
The barong arrived yesterday and it's adorable!! we love it. Thank you for the quick processing.
Tuesday 02 October, 2012 Rosanne Bacaling
  Location:Gurnee, Illinois
We have been wanting to send this email but just found the time now. We would like to let you know that we already received the dresses we ordered. It only took a week to receive them (from the moment we ordered them)! Thanks a lot. We still need to do some alterations as far size is concerned. But we will manage. The 6002 gown is really nice.
Sunday 23 September, 2012 Dulce
  Location:Eindhoven, Netherlands
Thank you for my Barong, I am an American and young, but remarrying my wife in the Philippines and wanted to be formal, traditional & different. My Barong is perfect and fits me great! Thanks again
Wednesday 29 August, 2012 Aaron Moore
  Location:Jacksonville, Florida
TO WHOM IT MY CONCERN: Thank you for your outstanding service.
Tuesday 28 August, 2012 Russell D Terpening
  Location:Melbourne, Florida
Just letting you know that I received my kimona today. I cannot believe how quick it is to order from the US (specially from you) to Australia. Hats off to you guys. My kimona just fits me fine. Cheers
Sunday 19 August, 2012 Maria Guevara
  Location:Adelaide, South Australia
Hi our wedding is tomorrow, but just wanted to tell you all thank you the 6 special order barongs are PERFECT!!! Thank you do much!!
Friday 10 August, 2012 Ralph and Jessica
  Location:Lacey, Washington
Just writing to thank you for the 4 barongs I ordered. Elegant! Well done.
Monday 06 August, 2012 Veronica Reyes
  Location:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
My order finally arrived and thank you very much. The ftting is perfect and no alteration at all. I was really surprised. Is there any other color(s) for this item? I am planning to order (again) , the same size but different color...the measurement of this item (S) is really perfect for my size...no need to take another measurement. thanks to the one who made this.
Thursday 02 August, 2012 Corazon Blancaflor
  Location:Ardmore, Oklahoma
Hi, Fyi. I got the Barong today. It's beautiful and it fits. I know now where to order again and surely I will recommend your Barongs to my friends.
Tuesday 26 June, 2012 Ed Escall
  Location:Madison, Wisconsin
My husband and I were very happy/ satisfied with the barong tagalog we just received,thank you!!
Wednesday 30 May, 2012 Estela Schiumo
  Location:New York City, New York
I want to share with you how the Barongs looks on the Groomsmen. Now you can see the face behind those measurements. You did a very good job in making the Barong. They are very elegant and people were asking me who made it. They want to have one made as well. I will send you picture of the barong as well as the bridesmaids so you have an idea where the Barong fit. Just to let you know the wedding was (from a mother's point of view) perfect! It was beautiful and something they did was unique( I will let you know what was it.) . Everyone enjoyed. It was held at THE WARHOL MUSEUM in Pittsburgh. I could not ask for anything more. Again I want to thank you for your patience in dealing with me to make these Barong perfect. You got my trust and the next time.
Thursday 17 May, 2012 Remi Mendoza
  Location:Croton On Hudson, New York
thank you very much barong r us for fast delivery service,..prompt response to my email and i'm very pleased with the quality of my order,..and fits really well! 2 thumbs up to the management and staff of barong r us! all the best/kind regards
Tuesday 08 May, 2012 Jenalyn Arcilla-Donalson
  Location:Rotorua, New Zealand
I received my order today. Maraming salamat sa inyo! I am very happy with prompt delivery and with the quality of your barongs.
Saturday 05 May, 2012 Adelyn Segear
  Location:Clifton, New Jersey
This is just to let you know that we have received the made-to-order barong, and it fits real well! Thanks for all your help.
Saturday 05 May, 2012 Judie Palero
  Location:DPO, AE
Thank you very much for a very fast shipping! The kimona just arrived.
Wednesday 11 April, 2012 Mary Conol
  Location:Palm Bay, Florida
I wanted to tell you that I am very satisfied with the barong blouse I purchased from you a few weeks ago. I got many compliments on it when I wore it on Easter Sunday.
Tuesday 10 April, 2012 Rosemary Clough
  Location:Canyon Country, California
I just had to let you know how pleased I am with the Custom made Barong you made for my Grandson's First Communion...It is absolutely beautiful....and the quality of the work is Excellent. I look forward to ordering from you again. Thank You,
Monday 09 April, 2012 Shelley DeGuzman
  Location:Lehigh acres, Florida
Thank you guys for the fast shipping and impressive service. My husband really like his beautiful barong, I highly recommend you to our friends and others so keep up the good work.
Sunday 08 April, 2012 Jeanette Alino
  Location:Queens, New York
Hi, As of today, I have received all the items I have ordered from BarongsRUs. I would like to send this short email to say thank you for the quick turnaround. It was faster than the promised delivery of 6-8 weeks for customized clothes. The dresses and shirts are also very beautiful and elegant. Everybody is excited and cannot wait to wear them! Another friend of mine who is also my bridesmaid, has decided that if she gets married, her bridal party clothes will be ordered from BarongsRUs. Thank you so much for everything!! Best regards, The future Mrs. Joyce Horsley
Saturday 07 April, 2012 Joyce Yarian
  Location:Jacksonville, Florida
We have recently returned from our trip to the Philippines for a family wedding. The Barong you made for me arrived on time and fitted very well. You provided a very good service. Thank you.
Saturday 17 March, 2012 John Ross
  Location:Surrey, United Kingdom
I am very impressed by your prompt delivery and quality of your product. Truly Philippine made design and style is very attractive.
Monday 05 March, 2012 TERESA QUINT
  Location:Sawyer, Michigan
I received the Barongs yesterday and they are very very pretty. Thank you very much.
Thursday 02 February, 2012 Maggie
  Location:Indianapolis, Indiana
I just wanted to mention that I my order was completed Monday afternoon and we received our items Wednesday day! What GREAT service. Thank you "BarongsRUs" for helping us out with such a quick transaction (we needed these for Saturday *whew*). I will definitely be using your services again and will recommend it to others. Have a wonderful Holiday and God Bless❅☃❅ A Satisfied Customer,
Thursday 15 December, 2011 Joyce Q Flores Clarksville, TN (but Bicolano ako!)
  Location:Clarksville, Tennessee
I received my barong today and I have only one word to describe it - SPECTACULAR. I am not ashamed to saw that it brought tears to my eyes. Our son is getting married at the end of January and I was hoping to be wearing this barong while together with my beautiful wife Jackie, but she lost her struggle against cancer my August. Jackie would have loved this barong. Salamat Po.
Friday 09 December, 2011 John Barbuto
  Location:Sydney, Australia
Hello, My barong arrived today and it looks and fits great! Thank you.
Friday 28 October, 2011 Steve Smith
  Location:Los Angeles, California
I got the orders from Barongsrus last Saturday. The service was very excellent, the items arrived through a priority mail 3 days after I put in the orders on line. Marcy or Mari was a delighful person to talk to over the phone. The womens barong are so beautiful, and the christening outfit I've ordered for my 3 month old baby was so cute on her, my family received a lot of admiration during the church socials. I'm sure I'll have more orders in the future. Thanks again.
Saturday 22 October, 2011 Star Whitcomb
  Location:Monroe, Maine
Recieved the barong yesterday (8/27/11), I'm glad I spoke to you regarding the sizing. the Barong fits well, the quality of the fabric and workmanship looks very good, only the collar seems to be narrow but it doest matter. In general it is very good and I recieved it on time - Thanks
Sunday 28 August, 2011 Wally Tapang
  Location:yonkers, New York
We have received the barongs last Friday 26th of August. Thank you very much. My husband likes the style and the colour and the detail of the embroidery. I too, love my new traditional dress. We received it 3 weeks before we're going to use it for the St. Lorenzo Fiesta celebration on the 18th of September. We can model your product and proud to recommend it to our friends here in Bendigo. Kind regards,
Saturday 27 August, 2011 Imelda and Tito of Bendigo
  Location:BENDIGO, Australia
To the Administrator Barongsrus, We received the package this afternoon in good condition. Thank you very much and we are happy to see the actual products. Keep up the good works!!!! Sincerely yours,
Tuesday 16 August, 2011 Mario and Lorena Sales
  Location:BONITA, California
I have received my orders today in good condition. The barongs are beautiful and we really like the designs and colors. Thank you for the immediate shipment of the items.
Monday 15 August, 2011 Aurora
  Location:Quincy, Massachusetts
Lou had received the 12 Barongs + the camisa de chinos already and we really thank you for your help. You really made me happy as I was able to get the stuff that we really need. Cheers,
Friday 12 August, 2011 Manette
  Location:Ontario, Canada
I have already received it. I am surprised how fast it was. The Barong is very nice, and the fit is good. I am wearing it on my cousin's wedding. It was a pleasure doing business with you as well. Thank you very much.
Monday 01 August, 2011 Junie Cajefe
  Location:Tulsa, Oklahoma
My in-laws golden wedding last Saturday was a great success and my daughter and I got complimented on our gowns. My husband and son also got complimented on their jusi-raya barongs.The next big event is my nephew's wedding. I truly appreciate your understanding and patience in working with me this past 3-4 months. Thanks and best regards
Wednesday 27 July, 2011 Agnes Cruz
  Location:Katy, Texas
Thank you for my order. I received it on time for my sister's wedding. I'll be sure to recommend you to my friends.
Tuesday 26 July, 2011 Mary Lacanlale
  Location:Easton, Massachusetts
Hello, I recently ordered 3 Barong Tagalog from your online shop and I must say that I am very impressed. The quality is superb and my experience with your sales agent was exceptional. I am pleased beyond measure and just placed another order for one more. Thank you so very much!
Saturday 23 July, 2011 Rodolfo Mortero
  Location:Dana Point, California
My fiancé just tried on the barong and it fits nicely, so we will keep it. Thank You for all your help!
Wednesday 20 July, 2011 Mauri Bailey
  Location:Staten Island, New York
Thank you very much. We have received the barongs and they are beautiful. Thank you for the expediency in which you handled making our order and making our wedding day that much more special. Thank you again.
Thursday 14 July, 2011 Jeb Godwin
  Location:Greenwood, Missouri
The "barongs" I purchased from you are beautiful!! I will definitely recommend your online store to my fellow Filipinos here who would be interested in purchasing "barongs" in the future. Maraming Salamat!
Monday 11 July, 2011 Elizabeth Wilson
  Location:HICKORY, North Carolina
Thank you so much for being reliable. This will be the start of a good relationship. I’ll be ordering some more in the near future.
Friday 17 June, 2011 Leony Gimeno
  Location:Springfield, Virginia
Thank you! I received it today. It was very nice,exactly as described and good quality.It fits me well.Thanks again!
Monday 13 June, 2011 John Cristopher Lacson
  Location:Beach Park, Illinois
WOW!!!!! I can not tell you how satisfied I am with my order. My bridesmaid and myself look so beautiful. I can not wait to email some wedding photos and YELP Barongsrus.... I will be referring a lot of friends and family to you... Thank you for such great care of my order Sincerely Percelita, bride
Monday 13 June, 2011 Percelita Urbi
  Location:Newark, California
We received the barongs. Thank you so much for being reliable. This will be the start of a good relationship. I’ll be ordering some more in the near future.
Sunday 12 June, 2011 Leony Gimeno
  Location:Springfield, Virginia
I received my order last Friday and I am very pleased with the Barong Tagalog. It fits well. I will not hesitate to recommend your company for the quality of the item and your promptness to ship the order.
Monday 06 June, 2011 Felicitas (Tita) Tobias
  Location:Winchester, California
Hi, Order received 2 days ago and we like it. Thank you.
Friday 27 May, 2011 Eva Cruz
  Location:Richmond, Texas
We received all our orders. Thank you so much, they are all perfect.
Tuesday 24 May, 2011 Theresa
  Location:VALLEJO, California
First off, not only am I completely satisfied with the barongs, I am also very impressed with how quickly they arrived. Thank you!
Monday 23 May, 2011 Mari
  Location:North Charleston, Arizona
we received the barong last week. it fit our son is very very beautiful. thank you very much.
Saturday 07 May, 2011 Tatay Sancho
  Location:Omaha, Nebraska
I am happy to receive the barong and the dress they are lovely. In the near future we will absolutely make an order again. Thank you!
Thursday 28 April, 2011 Bella Green
  Location:Spokane, Washington
Thank you!I already received the package,Highly recomended seller+++++
Thursday 21 April, 2011 Estela Schiumo
  Location:New York City, New York
Tuesday 29 March, 2011 Marion
  Location:Honolulu, Hawaii
Thank you so much for all the barongs. We got them, very nice & lovely and fits so well. Good job! John Santos 'the groom', got his and his mom's at the same time. I recommend your site to him and did order. Thanks again & all the best,
Tuesday 29 March, 2011 Carmen (arlene) Almero
  Location:New South Wales, Australia
Thank you! We received the barongs last thursday 30th Dec. The barongs look great! Thanks
Tuesday 04 January, 2011 Cathryn Oronce
  Location:Woodcroft, Australia
I received my order so quick-I am so impressed and it meant a lot. Thank you for your efforts to make this happen. Great business!
Wednesday 22 December, 2010 VALERIE BERG
  Location:ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico
Hello, Thank you for all your help. Your barongs are beautiful.
Wednesday 01 December, 2010 Ann Malzahn
  Location:Corona Del Mar, California
Thanks we reived the 2 piece kimona Saturday 11/20/10. They're beautiful.
Monday 22 November, 2010 THOMAS R. AREJOLA
I want to thank you for my previous orders has been received and my family are very well pleased and impressed with the Barongs I ordered. Thank you so much and it's been a pleasure doing business with you.
Monday 25 October, 2010 virginia agustin
  Location:honolulu, Hawaii
The barong arrived today. It fits perfectly. All that measuring was worth the effort. Thank you for your help.
Tuesday 19 October, 2010 Justin Burke
  Location:Federal Way, Washington
I ordered 10 barongs from you for my wedding in July and they were beautiful.
Tuesday 12 October, 2010 Marcus Printup
  Location:maplewood, New Jersey
I just want to let you know that I received the dress today. There are only two things that I must say - BEAUTIFUL & ELEGANT. It was exactly the way I pictured it. It needs a little alteration because it came out a little big on me. It was probably coz I've lost weight from the time that I ordered it, to the time it arrived on my doorstep. :) It would have been really perfect if you are selling wooden clogs (bakya) too. Its pretty hard to find any here in Indiana. Thanks a lot! Have a great weekend :)
Friday 01 October, 2010 Catherine Joy F Dela Cruz
  Location:AVON, Indiana
I am pleased to inform you that I received my order today. The barongs for the kids are just fine. And I love my kimona. Size L is OK for me. It is comfortable around shoulder and bust line and especially around my hips. I am still considering to try the Barong for women. Will visit your website again. Thank you.
Thursday 09 September, 2010 Lolita Dumbrique
  Location:British Columbia, Canada
Hello, Thank you very much for your quick and professional attention. I am very satisfied with my barong and your service.
Thursday 19 August, 2010 Gabriel Figueroa
  Location:Union, New Jersey
The nine custom order ones that were made for my bridal party are perfect. You provided my with beautiful barongs for my wedding day. Thank you.
Saturday 14 August, 2010 Matthew Skierski
  Location:Union, New Jersey
I got my kimona and I love it.
Friday 30 July, 2010 Reina Justo
  Location:Alberta, Canada
In behalf of the Filipino Association of the Bahamas and the FAB Choir, I would like to extend our deepest appreciation for the help and understanding you have extended us. It was a very successful event that we had last June 19,2010 at the British Colonial Hilton, Nassau, Bahamas for the celebration of our 112th Philippine Independence Day. The FAB Choir took center stage with their beautiful renditon of Kundimans and the magnificicent kimonas and barongs we ordered from you... Your customer service department headed by you was superb . The foreigners who saw it wanted to get your address and website to order. Thank you very much, again !!!!
Tuesday 06 July, 2010 Dr. Grace de Castro
  Location:Nassau, Bahamas
I would like to thank you for getting my order shipped right away. I received everything and it was so beautiful! Maraming Salamat!
Tuesday 06 July, 2010 Maria and Roger
  Location:Middletown, Connecticut
hi there, i just want to say a big thank you to Marifi who looked after my recent barong order, my husband look gorgeous in a barong and he was happy. we just had our Philippines Independence Day Party, here in Geraldton Western Australia - June 19, 2010. thank you for your site, now i know where to find beautiful Filipiniana gowns without going home back to the Phillippines.
Tuesday 29 June, 2010 Lilia Schleicher
  Location:Western Australia, Australia
Big succes diba ng fiesta sa Belgium. The party for the independence day 112y of the PH!! Talaga. I even got complements from mr. Ambasador! Maraming salamat sa inyo lahat! TOUNE Sven
Monday 14 June, 2010 TOUNE Sven
  Location:Oostende, Belgium
Thank you ever so much. I have recieved the Barong & the Chamisa in perfect order & i am delighted with them. the workmanship & attention to detail is amazing. My wife to be & me are both very pleased with the garment & with the service. On behalf of myself & my partner once again a very big thank you. Kind regards
Friday 04 June, 2010 Lee & Kirsty.
  Location:Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Hi Barongrus, I've just received my gown and I really love it. I immediately try it on and the size is perfect. I love our own moda.... I'm so proud to wear it on the 19th of June.
Friday 28 May, 2010 Karen Caharian-Gurdin
  Location:Merlin, Oregon
Thank you very much. It arrived today and fits very fine.
Saturday 22 May, 2010 Ellen Klinke
  Location:Jefferson, Texas
received my order next day after processed. barongs are beautiful. I had ordered 2 different sizes not knowing which one would fit my husband. I will be returning the L one and the XL white chino that I ordered. I will return that via priority mail. I had also ordered a childs barong for my grandson, he looks adorable. I am very pleased. thank you.
Friday 21 May, 2010 Barb Kolarich
  Location:Plainfield, Illinois
I wanted to let you for the very prompt service I thanked you very much, I did received immediately I can't remernber the date like I said very prompt service. Thanks again.
Thursday 20 May, 2010 Merle Hilario
  Location:Bremerton, Washington
thanks again for the great service you have provided. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends. Best to all!
Monday 17 May, 2010 Maureen Corpus
  Location:Valdosta, Georgia
Just received my order today and thank you for quick service. The kids barong and camisa de chino is great.
Again Thank You
Sunday 16 May, 2010 Danilo D. Amoyo
Hi, just wanted to let you know that I got the barongs today and they look great =)
I appreciate all your help. thank you so much
Sunday 16 May, 2010 Julie Tan
The mestiza dress arrived today and is a perfect fit.. Thank you for calling me to help get the correct size.
Thursday 13 May, 2010 Angelina Fortier
Hello. Just would like to inform you that I received my order today and very satisfied with your service. The kimona fits me perfectly. Thank you so much.
Monday 10 May, 2010 KAtharine MIllan
  Location:grayslake, Illinois
Thanks so much for the beautiful gown and the barong. The designs are impeccable and the workmanship is very polished. My aunt was very happy and impressed and it really made her mother's day special. She is the mother of the groom for a wedding in the summer. Thanks again and more power ! Will let others know about the superb quality of your work and also your efficiency in sending my orders. Congratulations on a job well done !
Sunday 09 May, 2010 Jesus Ligot
  Location:Magnolia, Delaware
You have been very accommodating during the whole ordering process and I just want you to know how helpful you have been. Thank you,
Wednesday 05 May, 2010 John Shelton
Hi from Florida.....
Wanted to let you know that everyone at the Reunion thought my barongs were very beautiful!! Many people ask where I got them..I gave them your web site.
Monday 03 May, 2010 Dan
Hi, Thank you very much for expediting my new Barong. It has arrived. It fits very nicely. I am extremely happy with the Barong and I want to thank you for all your help getting me the proper Barong in time for my brothers wedding. Thank you again.
Thursday 29 April, 2010 Aaron Hyman
would like to let you know that I recived my barong today and was very pleased wiith it. Thank you very much.
Monday 12 April, 2010 ames Versola
I received my barong today. It looks very nice. Thank you.
Wednesday 24 March, 2010 Terry Bennett
I just want to let you know that the dress I ordered received rave reviews during my son's wedding. At first, I felt iffy with the green color because the wedding motif was seafoam. It turned out great with the seafoam and everyone was in awe of the bead design and how much work was put into it. Thank you all and keep up the wonderful work that you all do!!! God Bless You All!!!
Friday 19 March, 2010 Millie Riray
I received the shirt and its perfect. Thank you so much
Saturday 06 March, 2010 Allen Olander
Thank-you so very much! That was really fast! We are so happy for your speedy attention to our order! I will email you upon receipt of goods.
Thank you again! You are the best! We will all be sure to spread the word that Barongs R Us is the site to order your barong!
Take care!
Tuesday 02 March, 2010 Grace Tabares
Hi, I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you so much for the beautiful Barong you sent to me in Manila for my friends wedding. I couldn't have been happier with the fit and style of the garment and your service was second to none. Thanks again for everything!
Wednesday 24 February, 2010 Jonathan Slomba
  Location:Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Hello, I received my order the other day. It's beautiful, I like it. Thank you.
Wednesday 24 February, 2010 Belma Baris
Thank-you so very much. That was really fast! We are so happy for your speedy attention to our order! I will email you upon receipt of goods.

Thank you again! You are the best! We will all be sure to spread the word that Barongs R Us is the site to order your barong!

Take care!
Sunday 14 February, 2010 Grace Tabares
Loved the barongs I ordered from you before. Looking forward to receiving this one for my son. Thank you!
Tuesday 02 February, 2010 Rebecca Ford
Thank you so very much with your very fast service. I've already placed two previous orders with you.......and because I've been able to give a handful of the guys in my wedding a "perfect" undershirt for their barongs, I continue to get more requests. We have been unable to find anything caparable to what you offer.
Saturday 23 January, 2010 Jennifer Deano
Special greetings to Mares !! She made my first barong purchase with you with atmost cordiality and simplicity. Looking forward to wear my Barong and hopefully, if I get good remarks from fellow pinoys here in Ohio, guarantee more patronage and referrals.
Thursday 21 January, 2010 Grandmaster Jorge Penafiel
The Outfit was perfect and beautiful. Everyone was asking where I got it from and I refer them to you.
Thank you for the prompt shipment.
Thursday 14 January, 2010 Olivia Newman
We got the shipment today
My FILIPINIANA Dress is a bit too small Though the design and quality are "superb". I guess I misjudged my size.
I will send this dress back to you for an exhange to one that will fit me better
Wednesday 13 January, 2010 MARLENE THAI
It was such a pleasure to be one of your customers, it has been always satisfaction guaranteed. On behalf of my family, THANK YOU very much for all the purchases we made was really beautiful as seen on your website.I do really like most the flower girls dresses for my daughters they are so cute and same as with my son's baptismal clothes, It was fantastic!!!! I will send you pictures after our wedding day so just keep in touch...... Cheers,
Sunday 03 January, 2010 Maria Carest Abitang-Rasalan
  Location:New Zealand
Thank you, Barongs R Us. I received my barong today and it looks very nice!! It came out perfect the way I ordered it. Thank you!
Tuesday 08 December, 2009 Joseph Uyenco
Thank you so much for the Barong! It is beautiful. I am getting married to a beautiful Filipina, and she is wearing a Filipina gown also. We will be married Jan. 3rd, 2010. Thanks again
Friday 04 December, 2009 Walter Adams
  Location:Lenoir City, Tennessee
The barong is great. Can't find a barong like this in San Diego. Thanks very much. I'll be sure to let them know where I got it.
Monday 30 November, 2009 Jason Magat
Thank you very much for the barong I already ordered/received, it was perfect! I look forward to receiving the barongs from this order for the rest of my wedding entourage.
Thank you again!
Tuesday 27 October, 2009 Kristy Palomares
Happy Easter to your family. Hope you enjoyed your vacation! Natangap ko na iyong mestiza dress ko at barong nang anak ko. I like it very much and it fits me well. The embroidery is very beautiful. And my son's barong, he looks very handsome with it on. Your people did a very good job. Well, I promise na I'll send you a picture of us wearing your clothes. Thankyou for all the good service you rendered me and I'll recommend you to all my friends here. Take care, and kumusta na lang sa inyong lahat!
Monday 26 October, 2009 Grace
Thank you for your wonderful barongs. They will be great for my friend's wedding in the Philippines this summer.
Tuesday 13 October, 2009 Brendan Woolrich
I received the Barong. I am satisfied it fits well. Thank you very much,
Friday 25 September, 2009 Sionie
Just wanted to say, thank you for your professional service on such a quick response on shipping the Barong. I will highly recommend your site to my friends, as your Barongs are truly TOP NOTCH!!
Tuesday 22 September, 2009 Del Dayrit
Just want to tell you how pleased I am with the items I purchased from you.
The material is excellent and the quality of workmanship is very impressive and the price is reasonable.

My husband's barong fits perfect!
I need to alter my dress slightly, and the way it was made is so, that
alteration is going to be quite easy, one stitch on each side. I guess
whoever designed it must have thought of this possibility that not all
figures of the same size are created equal!

I definitely will recommend this company to anyone seeking a Filipina dress
and will order from you again if and when the need arises. I am writing
from Canada and had it shipped to my brother in New Jersey. It was also
shipped to him in good time.
Thank you.
Tuesday 18 August, 2009 Yolanda Lim
Thank you for your response. With utmost surprise, I received my order today! The dress looks very elegant. I'm satisfied. Thanks for the great service you provided. I will tell all my friends about your on-line store.
Monday 17 August, 2009 Verna
Hello: I just received today the barong I ordered a few days ago. It is the most beautiful barong I've ever seen! The embroidery is just stunning, and the quality of the jusi is exquisite. I will be so proud for my four year old Filipino son to wear this at his adoption finalization on October 30th. He was as thrilled as I was when the delivery came today and wanted to try it on immediately. He even asked if he could wear it all day today! I'm so glad I found your site online and that I will always be able to find such authentic, high-quality barong for him as he grows up! Thank you very, very much!
Tuesday 04 August, 2009 Stephanie Dower
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you....or I should say, "salamat po" We received the barong and it looks great!!! Sincerely,
Tuesday 09 June, 2009 Daphne Ratonel
Dear Barongs 'R Us,
I received the 3 barongs today. Thank you for your prompt
service. They look great!
Tuesday 19 May, 2009 Kristine Mejia

Thank you so much for the very warm, prompt, and friendly service. My dress arrived at the hotel the day after I ordered it. It even arrived ahead of me! And it was beautiful -- much more beautiful than the picture on your page. There were a lot of compliments on it and one of the other wedding guests even took a picture of it. Yes, just the dress

I told my friends that I bought it from your site -- my second time, actually -- and I am looking forward to buying from you again.
Thursday 14 May, 2009 Minky
Thank you so much for keeping me updated! I have been very happy with your service and your products!!!
Tuesday 12 May, 2009 Eunice Kipte
Thanks for the excellent customer service.
Thanks much.
Thursday 07 May, 2009 Daniel Tabalba
Your barongs are great! we referred your site to some other friends who are planning to get married as well...

Thanks again.
Wednesday 06 May, 2009 Frank Diacuna
Thanks, I received the package already. Thank you. Its a beautiful dress. Thanks a lot!
Tuesday 05 May, 2009 Cookie Domingo
I received the dresses.
Thank you very much. I love it!!!
Monday 04 May, 2009 Edith
I just received my shipment from you, (Barong, Unity Cord and Garter). I want to thank you for your professionalism. I could not believe how quickly I received all this. The Barong is absolutely perfect. I love the unity cord, and the Garter is a perfect match for my fiancee. But again, I want to thank you for your incredible service and the beautiful barong, cord and garter that I purchased from you.
Monday 04 May, 2009 Jeffrey Klazura
I ordered 2 boy Barongs from you a couple of weeks ago and I was very pleased at the results and the expediant arrival time. I am getting married in April and would like the same expediant service that was provided for me previously if possible. Thank you once again.
Friday 01 May, 2009 Jennifer
Dear Barongs R Us,
It is nice doing business with you and I truly appreciate the prompt and kind attention you gave me.

Thursday 30 April, 2009 Teodora Laagdan
Just wanted to send a reply and say thank you for the prompt service. We received the barongs in excellent shape in surprisingly quick timing!!! Thanks again!
Thursday 09 April, 2009 Harold
Thank for all your help.
Tuesday 31 March, 2009 Terry Cook jr
Thank you for the wonderful work that you do. I am pleased with my dress I have ordered. If you ever get a catalog, please send one to me. I am Filipina, and here we do not have a lot of Filipinos or Filipino items. Thank you again.
Tuesday 06 January, 2009 Michelle Shbeeb
I just wanted to say that I was very happy to receive the dress that I ordered. It was beautiful! It is the most beautiful dress I've ever owned in my life.
Thank you for making me happy!
Tuesday 11 November, 2008 Isabel Sales
ust received print order 298. very satisified.
Tuesday 20 May, 2008 James Clawson
Thank you very much for your prompt response regarding about my email.Me and my wife were looking forward for the barongs that we order and Im sure we will going to like it for we will going to wear them for our renewal of vows this coming August here in Connecticut.Im sure our guests will be interested in our clothes that we will be wearing in that occassion and surely we will going to refer them to you guys and expect more customers coming from Connecticut.Your concern really means a lot and indeed Customer satisfaction is priority in your business.Thank you again and God bless!!!
Monday 12 May, 2008 JOCKEY GORERO
We received the barong. It is beautiful and fits very well. I appreciate your great service.
Thursday 08 May, 2008 Lynda Acojido
I know this is late in coming but I just want to thank you once again for helping me with my barong orders for my wedding last November 10, 2007. I am in the process of tying some loose ends and sending my thank yous. My mom loved the filipiniana dress she ordered and the groomsmen's barongs were splendid. The barongs fit perfectly. You took care of my last minute orders and for that I am grateful. I will definitely recommend Barongsrus to anyone I know looking for one.

Monday 31 March, 2008 Elaine Valmonte now Tomek
  Location:Arlington, Virginia
Thank you very much. The whole family now has your products and we're all really impressed with the designs and the quality.
Tuesday 05 February, 2008 Pete Burger
Hi! I just wanted to send an email to thank you for sending the 2 flower girl dresses to me. I got them Friday night and had my girls try on the dresses on Sunday. Needless to say the dresses look and fit perfect! Thank you so much for your help.
Tuesday 01 January, 2008 Kea Dupree
  Location:New York
Thank you! i recieved my barong. it's lovely. have a great day!
Thursday 29 November, 2007 Anna B.

I wanted to send this email to you to say a B I G THANK YOU to ALL your helpful and efficient staff. I really appreciated their correspondance and their help in answering my varied questions. I had some questions recently about refunds etc and your staff were sooooo very helpful. All has been taken care of and I am certainly happy with everything! I will certainly be shopping with you again and recommending your company to all I know!

Thankyou again

All the best
Tuesday 06 November, 2007 Crissy Bass
  Location:West Mansfield, Ohio
Hi there,
I just wanted to let you know I've received my orders today. I've been anticipating the arrival of my wedding dress and although you said not to worry, I could not help it.When I opened the box, I began to cry. Even while packaged it looked so beautiful. I tried it on and it fits perfectly. The pictures on your website, did not do it justice. It is absolutely stunning. The wonderful tailorship that went into creating my dress is very apparent.

I will be letting everyone know about your company. Your professionalism, customer service and products make you a good company. However it was your phone calls to reassure me that I would indeed receive my perfect wedding dress in time that really impressed me. You not only stand behind your clothing but you care about your customers. It is this fact, sets you apart from all the others. It is what makes Barongs R Us, a great company!

Thank you so much. I can guarentee I will continue to do business with you and I will send all of my friends and family to your website.
Thursday 06 September, 2007 Methylyn Millano
Thank you again for all your help. Minutes after speaking to you yesterday, the mail arrived, and I was wearing my new barong. I apologize if I was a difficult customer, but you were more than accomodating, and I am extremely grateful. I'll send some pictures from the wedding next week. Thanks again.
Tuesday 28 August, 2007 Thomas Johnson
  Location:New Haven, Connecticut
Just wanted to thank you for the Barongs. It was on time and we had plenty of compliments on our wedding day. Your company did a great job.

Thank you again
Tuesday 28 August, 2007 Julius Banares
  Location:Manitoba, Canada
I just received my order for BarongsRUs and I am extremely happy with the product and with the delivery service. I will be ordering more barongs from your company before the end of this week.Thank you very much!
Monday 20 August, 2007 Pancho Delos Santos
  Location:Honolulu, Hawaii
Just want to drop a small note in regards of my recent order. Even though the original barong that I want was not in stock, the replacement was beautiful. The prices are affordable and the quality is excellent. I am really pleased with the service that I received from your company and got the barong in a short period of time. I will definetely recommend your company without any hesitation. Again, thank you so much and best wishes to everyone.
Monday 23 July, 2007 Ben Arangorin
Dear BarongsRUs,
I just wanted to let you know that my dress arrived yesterday. Thanks you so much for what I can see is a lot of "tender loving care". This is the first time I have ever have a special made dress and I feel
very honored. Thanks for your expertise and your willingness to use it. "God Bless You and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace."! (Numbers 6:24ff)
Thursday 07 June, 2007 Heather Bell
  Location:El Paso, Texas
Hi Barongs RUs,
Just wanted to let you know how pleased as I was with the look of my wedding barong. Though it wasn't the right fit (which was my responsibility), and that is why I am ordering again, I thought your company delivered a very good quality product to me and I am beyond pleased. Also, I am amazed how fast this custom made request was delivered. I realize with the wedding coming up very soon I did not have anything to worry about.
Thank you, Marcie for your help.
Thursday 17 May, 2007 Jun Pagtakhan
Hi BarongsRus,
I wanna say thank you for assisting me regarding to my order and to process my difference that I have to pay for to my credit card.I'm very happy and satisfied to my order items, I shared this to my friend and she is planning to order a mestiza dress one of this days.Even to my husband, I want to order a Jusi Barong for him too.so,again thank you and more blessings and customers to come in your store there in California.
Thanks and God Bless,
Monday 07 May, 2007 Susana Cruz
Hi, Recieved my order of the kid's barong today. My husband and I were very pleased of the quick service. We really like the barong..very simple in design yet VERY ELEGANT!!! I would highly recommend Barongs R Us to our friends here in West Michigan and I will be looking forward to shop with you again in the future. Thanks again!!!
Wednesday 18 April, 2007 Erlinda Briz Fanger
  Location:Holland, Michigan
Natanggap na po namin yung package. Maganda yung gown.At wala namang diperensiya. Kaya maraming salamat!
Friday 06 October, 2006 Amy and Porfy Vidal
Just wanted to send a reply and say thank you for the prompt service. We received the barongs in excellent shape in surprisingly quick timing!!! Thanks again!
Monday 29 May, 2006 Harold
We got out order so quickly! Thank you very much!
Thank you for your response.
Indeed, your products are "polido" and that is why you caught my attention. I did not, however, realise that you are based in the US. Do you have an office in the Philippines. I am heading that way soon (Manila) and was hoping that I could visit your factory/office - if it was in Manila.

I will think about your package and offer and will revert.

We are in the process of actually rehearsing Rigodon de Honor for the forthcoming Philippine National Day Ball 2005 to be held 12th June 2005. We had our first rehearsal on Sunday (20 pairs) and after the rehearsal, we decided to use barong/black pants for men and white terno for women and I actually informed them to browse thru barongsrus website. I emphasised the quality of your products and how beautiful they look on photo.
Thanks again and as I advised, I will revert.
Thank you again.